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The Asterland Setting

Asterland is a place of high adventure, where magic is common and change is constant.

Robber baron style giants of industry produce magic-enhanced items that make almost every aspect of a person's life easier and more enjoyable. These include:

  • Magic-powered flying ships, bicycles, and other vehicles
  • Teleportation portals
  • Furnaces that don't need fuel
  • Carnival fair rides
  • Sending messages quickly, over long distances

The setting for Asterland is definately what might be called "steampunk", or alternative history. I prefer to call it simply "magitech," or a mixing of magic and technology.

While blending magic and technology may not be so novel today, when I first coined the term "magitech" in the 80's, it was something that set it apart from other settings.

Gaming in this environment makes things challenging from a gamemaster's standpoint, since the normal assumptions about fantasy worlds often don't apply. However, it can also make things fresh, and a lot of fun.

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Asterland Fantasy World