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Some of the more common religions/sects in Jera are listed below:


Punks make up the large number of the technotheologists. It is a unique view that God is Himself the master of all machines, the greatest being the earth itself. In order to understand God, one must learn to create as He does, harnessing the powers of the earth and the physics thereof. They connect things technical with things spiritual. They feel that only through knowledge of how things work on the earth can one truly understand God for the creator and inventor that He is. The symbol of the Technotheologists is a prism with light shining through, separating out the fundamental colors of light. They are very into the use of crystals in their magic weaving, for most of them are magic users of one variety or another.

The largest concentration of technotheologists lies in Trondheim, where most of the magimotive cars are built by factory volumages. The punks have constructed a shrine to the faith, where they conduct their ceremonies, which resemble college physics classes more than a church service. Powered by a windmill on the side of the shrine, gears spin and drive all sorts of complex devices, the largest a model of the planets of silkspace.

Brotherhood of the Flock

The Brotherhood of the Flock, or simply "the brotherhood," believe in a universal creator and savior of all. The belief is that God has countless worlds with His children inhabiting them, that there is nothing unique about Jera. With the advent of Spelljamming and contact with other worlds in Silkspace inhabited by humanoids, many have taken this as proof, or at least strong evidence to support their claims. They go on to say that man, left to himself, is inherently evil, or at least will do evil things when separated from the presence of God. God is a perfect being, and cannot allow sin in his presence. Since all men sin, there is a need for a way to bring man from his fallen state to one where he no longer is kept from God's presence by his sins. For this reason, they claim that a being other than a sinner need suffer for the sins of others. The savior that paid the universal sin is for all of God's worlds. They claim that following the creation of Jera, God walked and talked with his new creations, mankind. They believe that the purestrain humans are the fathers of all of the other races native to Jera. They look forward to a time when they believe that God will visit mankind again, after he has cleansed himself sufficiently. They oppose violence in any for except in defending oneself, and have opposed all wars in Jeran history. No one is sure how far back that the group dates, but it is known that they predate the great war. They claim to have a prophet that recieves revelation from God to guide their day to day dealings, and that God will speak with anyone that suppiciently prepares themselves to recieve revelation.

Grand Unity Alliance

A group of former sects form the Grand Unity Alliance. Their beliefs are rather scattered, stemming from that fact that they came from the coalition of many religions. The common belief in days past was that God could not come back to Jera until such time as all of the beliefs came together in a unity of faith. It was to this end that the groups united together, to hasten the coming of God. In theory, this might have been a good idea. The problems that arise stem from the fact that the church members come from such different belief systems that the unity that they seek is in word only. In fact, the number of divisions within the faith number more than the number of groups that originally united to create the faith. Several groups have already splintered off as a result of their particular pet belief not being included in the official dogma of the group. What dogma IS official is outlined in the "unity Creed." The book rambles on and on, contradicting itself at every turn in an attempt to appease all of its representative members. About the only thing that all subdivisions of the faith definately agree upon is that mankind will have the chance to return to earth after they die to live another life. Perhaps their incessant bickering convinced them that one lifetime could never be sufficient to work out the mysteries of life, the universe, and everything.

The Bringers of the Void

The Bringers of the Void believe that there will come a time when evil being from another plane of existence will flood into Jera. They believe that the only way to save oneself from this is to assist the dark souls into the world, hastening the time of their coming. They regularly summon demons and delve into the occult. They tend to keep to themselves and erect no public shrines unto their faith. They meet in secret because the cult has been outlawed in all major cities in Asterland. Its members are shunned wherever they are found out with good cause. It is general knowledge that their summonings have broght death and suffering upon many towns where they were previously welcome. The Bringers of the Void wear a jet-black pendant as their identifying symbol.

The Fatalists

The Fatalists believe that the world will soon end. They believe that God has become tired with the wickedness of His creations. They believe furthur that no modern revelation is possible, and that no other way exists for men to know what is expected of him. For this cause, they believe that all effort to know the will of God is vanity. They believe that God will understand when judgement comes those that acknowledge their ignorance and accept their sinful state openly before Him. The group acts no different than those around them. If they are different in any way, it would be an "eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die" mentality. They are very sinful in the traditional way of looking at things moral, but they openly admit their unworthiness before God, which they equate with repentance, which brings forgiveness. They have lavish festivals funded by the rich of their numbers, who see no use in storing up wealth when we are all doomed anyway. They eat until they vomit and drink until they pass out. In all, it is quite a way of life. The Fatalists have adopted the sword-pierced heart as their symbol.


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