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The punks' currency is the Terska's Disk. This silver coin has the face of a man on it with a ridiculous grin on his face and a number below it between 1 and 9. Holding the coin allows a spellcaster to cast an additional spell per day of the level indicated by the number at the bottom. When used, the smile is replaced by a scowl and the number disappears. If a spellcaster uses the coin for a spell higher than the number indicated, nothing happens. If a lower level spell is cast, it functions as normal, but the mage will take damage equal to the difference between the spell cast and the denomination printed on the coin. Thus if the coin has a 5 on it, a "flash five" in slang, and the spell cast is of level 2, the mage takes 3 points of damage. Wearing a lead mox stone prevents this damage, but its relatively high cost of 5,000 gold pieces prevents many lower level spellcasters from using it. A more advanced version of the Terska's Disk is gold and absorbs its own "burn." They are worth five times as much as the silver coins. In the previous example, if a gold Terska is used, the number would just change from a 5 to a 3 with the mage taking no damage.



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