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The Clan of the Rose decorate their light green skin with tattoos, symbols from their dark religion. They believe that the mind is the only thing that matters in the universe. Material posessions have little worth to them except as it allows them access to more drugs and mind altering artifacts. They will do anything for one more "trip," will spend a lifetime in dogged pursuit of a pleasure orb, an artifact that allows one to hallucinate without the side effects of drugs. Posessors of such orbs usually cling to the thing until they die from thirst, the pleasure of the it blocking out all physical needs or desires. The more wise posessors of the artifacts post bodyguards to care to their physical needs, to feed and give them water. Still others posess a ring of nourishment, which allows the body to go for very long amounts of time without food or water, though the ring ages the individual at twice the normal rate.

The Clan of the Rose, or "dream masters," have dealings mostly only with organized crime representatives. Unknown to all, they deal with the abominations of the lands of chaos as well. They are the only source of rush in Asterland, a powerful hallucinogen. They intruduced the first use of spice in the land, providing the punkers with the seeds for the plant form of hush and spore.



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