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What Is Asterland?

Asterland is an invented fantasy setting within the fictional world called Jera. It can be used for roleplaying games or to give you ideas for fantasy fiction.

How Is Asterland Different from Other Fantasy Settings?

There are several ideas that give Asterland a different feel from other fantasy realms. These include:

  • Magic Is Common
  • The Lines Between Magic and Technology Blur
  • A Steampunk Feel

How to Use the Setting

The main thing that I have used the world for is developing roleplaying scenerios. While the setting can be used for many different game systems, the one that I have used most over the years is Dungeons & Dragons, put out by Wizards of the Coast.

I haven't done any roleplaying for a couple of years, mostly to dedicate more time to working on my novels. The Pathfinder products are also fantastic, and the Asterland setting would work equally well for it.

The world of Jera is not intended to replace the good products that other game companies produce, but to supplement them for those that would like to try something different.


I started developing this setting in the late 1970's, when roleplaying was still a new idea. I have developed it over the subsequent years, and continue to develop it. The world sprung up as the extension of a novel that I attempted to write in my teen years, which I have mercifully put out of its misery.

I am currently writing a novel, the first that I intend to publish. The genre is "contemporary fantasy" or, as I often explain it, "magic in the real world." Asterland plays a key role in the novel, though almost all of the story takes place in our own modern world. Several of the main characters have crossed over from Asterland, and are looking for a way to get home.

Getting Started

To get started, click on one of the main topics at the top of the page ("setting", "culture", etc.) and I hope that you will find this world as enjoyable to play in as it has been for me to create.


If you find similarities between my world and Eberron, you're not alone. Find out why.


Asterland Fantasy World